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  • Jul 23, 2020

Fall Team Shop Open through July 30th

Fall Team Shop is open now through next Thursday! Get your school and new fall team logos on Under Armour, and other brand apparel. There are shirts, hoodies, polos, hats, sweatpants, shorts and tank tops. % goes to teams!...More

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  • Jul 15, 2020

Athletics Are Back!

Athletics have been activated again! The 2020-2021 school year is starting back with Fall Athletics allowed to play, with a little bit of a twist....More

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  • May 30, 2020

Year In Review

The 2019-2020 school year brought opportunities, new records and challenges to the Bobcats and Blazers. It will not be forgotten, because of the people who made it so. The future is looking good because of the work that was put in....More

  • Multiple Sports
  • May 20, 2020

High School Athletics Declaration of Independence

Although the stakes are not at the same height, the opportunity for freedom and growth are similar. Clayton-Bradley High School Athletics have made the move to be independent and have no conference affiliation...for now....More

  • Multiple Sports
  • Apr 10, 2020

Hey Coach Series: Tennis forms coaching duo in love

We love our coaches at Clayton-Bradley Academy and we want you to know how awesome they are. So, we decided to do a series of articles called, "Hey Coach." We are starting with our teams who are currently in season....More

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